What we Do

Our work includes:

  • responding to walk in enquiries
  • providing an ongoing telephone advisory service
  • providing personalised information packs in response to enquiries
  • producing our publication, joiNTed, four times a year
  • hosting pain self-management courses for consumers (refer to Services)
  • providing information stands at a range of forums throughout the year
  • promoting Arthritis Awareness Week and other special occasions
  • delivering bulk materials to both the private and public hospitals in Darwin as well as to a range of health service providers
  • community presentations
  • making applications for various small grants to assist with special projects
  • liaising with Arthritis Australia.

News Continued

Endone 5 mg tablets —
warning about potential for incorrect medicine in the pack

Product defect correction notice for Endone 5 mg tablets (batch number CW612, expiry Nov 2020).

A pack in SA has been found to contain a
blister sheet of Anamorph 30 mg tablets. The name on the back of the blister sheet is correct but the tablets look similar to the Endone
Anamorph 30 mg tablets have about four times the dose of morphine as Endone 5 mg tablets and could result in overdose and
serious health risks if taken inadvertently

Before taking any tablets from the affected batch patients should visually inspect the blister sheets to ensure they contain the correct medicine.

If you find any incorrect tablets do not take them. Return the pack to your pharmacy.

Recall notice: OA/RA capsules

OA/RA capsules

Blueskygreenearth, in  consultation with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) are recalling these capsules (Batch 17098003) due to contamination with a poisonous substance. The product has been withdrawn from the Australian market.

Information for consumers

If you or someone you care for takes OR/RA capsules please discontinue use immediately.


If you have any capsules left they can be taken to the place of purchase for a refund.

If you have any questions talk to your health professional or contact 1300 133 807.