AONT Board and Annual Reports

AONT Board


President     to be filled

Vice President       Margaret Murray

Treasurer/Public Officer      Ruth Garden

Since joining AONT in 1998 Ruth has been involved in a wide range of volunteer activities, as well as serving a stint as Health Educator.  Her interest is helping people make decisions to improve their own management of their health. While now more involved with financial and management issues, manning information stands, facilitating pain management courses and giving presentations, Ruth has also assisted in delivering a wide range of programs, including self-management courses and physical activity sessions, meeting many current and past members along the way.  She first joined the Board in 2006.

Secretary      Hilary Fowler

Hilary was a high school science teacher, retiring in 2008. After suffering osteoarthritis in her knees she got involved as a volunteer with AONT, joining the Board in 2010.

Non-executive Board Members

Anne Coutts

As a sufferer of Osteoarthritis and to honour her dear friend Beth Harvey Anne joined the Palmerston Arthritis Support Group in 2014 on her retirement from Aged Care Nursing. Anne enjoys the friendship of the amazing aged members. The group has always been very supportive of Anne in her role as Convener, when Sylvia Bugg retired after being in the position for 20 years. They have speakers on different health issues or general concerns in the community. The small group has always appreciated the assistance and support of AONT.

Amin Islam

Renae Callaway

Having received a diagnosis of early onset osteoarthritis in her spine and neck at the start of the year, Renae joined AONT, attending the Palmerston Support Group.  Currently an active participant in her daughter’s school community for the past two years, and a member of their Community Engagement Group, Renae is also a regular at the School Board meetings.

Lyn Skipper

Lyn is a long term local, having first come to Darwin 1969.  From 1975 she lived in Jabiru, Malak and Batchelor, and the last 27 years in Humpty Doo.  Lyn has a long history of community involvement with Humpty Doo events and both the Freds Pass and Darwin Shows.  In the early 2000’s Lyn also helped out with AONT’s warm water exercise program in Palmerston.

Ruth Quinn

Ruth joined AONT earlier this year after attending a Pain Management Seminar to deal with Osteoarthritis (knees and hip) and Rheumatoid Arthritis (hands).  Hearing there was a vacancy on the Board and having had previous experience on not-for-profit boards, most recently with Healthy Living NT, she expressed interest in joining the Board.  She was initially appointed at the September Board meeting and re-elected at the recent AGM.  Ruth is a retired librarian and has lived in Darwin for 35 years.

Annual Reports

Annual Reports are prepared for the Annual General Meeting each year to provide an overview of the organisations activities for the previous financial year.

An audited Financial Report is included in the Annual Report.

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Her Honour the Administrator, the Honourable Vicki O’Halloran AO