AONT Board and Annual Reports

AONT Board


President Peg Gellert

After leaving primary school teaching nearly 20 years ago, Peg decided direct her energies in a totally new direction by volunteering for AONT. At first her work was largely as an office volunteer with a focus on putting the quarterly newsletter together. Window displays, brochure design and many of the association’s publications have been devised by Peg. Two years ago she joined the Board and now feels able to contribute even more to the association.

Vice President Margaret Murray

Treasurer/Public Officer Ruth Garden

Since joining AONT in 1998 Ruth has been involved in a wide range of volunteer activities, as well as serving a stint as Health Educator.  Her interest is helping people make decisions to improve their own management of their health. While now more involved with financial and management issues, manning information stands, facilitating pain management courses and giving presentations, Ruth has also assisted in delivering a wide range of programs, including self-management courses and physical activity sessions, meeting many current and past members along the way.  She first joined the Board in 2006.

Secretary Hilary Fowler

Hilary was a high school science teacher, retiring in 2008. After suffering osteoarthritis in her knees she got involved as a volunteer with AONT, joining the Board in 2010.

Ordinary Board Members

Joan Crombie

Joan has a professional background in Occupational Therapy and brings to the Board of AONT a therapy focus and a general holist health approach relating to arthritis and osteoporosis issues. Joan enjoys providing support to the “team”. However work responsibilities mean that support has some limitations. Joan says: “I am impressed by the knowledge of our team and the willingness to share that knowledge with the community. I am proud to be with AONT.”

Mary Willis

After a number of years in management in the tourism industry in the Kimberly WA and Katherine Region NT, Mary returned to law firm management, undertaking university studies along the way and completing a degree part time. A misspent youth playing competitive squash has left her knees a mere shadow of their former self. Mary first became involved with AONT, participating in the warm water exercise program, and came to value all the work done by the organisation. Mary says, “My deteriorating health has prevented me from making a bigger contribution to the Board. I urge any member, new or old, to consider whether they are able to make a commitment, whatever it is, to AONT.”

Mitzi Ferguson

Annual Reports

Annual Reports are prepared for the Annual General Meeting each year to provide an overview of the organisations activities for the previous financial year.

An audited Financial Report is included in the Annual Report.

Annual Report 2017

Annual Report 2016

Annual Report 2015



Her Honour the Administrator, the Honourable Vicki O’Halloran

Vice Patrons

The Honourable Ken Vowles MLA

The Honourable Peter Styles